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About Us

Let SI Computer Solutions be your IT department, from consulting to network design
& implementation, let our team worry about your network and computers and let
your team focus on your business.

About Us

SI computer solutions provides IT solutions that make it easy for you to focus on your business.

IT has become the cornerstone of all businesses; you cannot run a business in this era without proper IT infrastructure. This means that companies have to focus a lot on their IT infrastructure. They have to worry about the software, the hardware, the network, and much more. The problem with this is that it takes their focus away from their business.

That is where we come in. Our clients love us because they know that once they start working with us all their worries are over. They don’t have to worry about IT anymore – we worry about that. We do everything related to IT that your business requires. You will be free to focus on your core business while we make sure you are able to deliver the best possible service to your clients.

Over a Decade of Excellence

SI Computer Solutions has been serving businesses in and around Nevada for more than a decade and we have made quite a name for ourselves in this time. You don’t have to take our word for it – simply ask any of the numerous clients we have in this area. We have managed to excel because we always keep our clients as our first priority. When our clients\ need our services they never get excuses – they just get solutions to their problems.

Small and Medium Businesses

Our expertise lies in helping small and medium sized businesses achieve their full potential. Our solutions are so loved by clients because they are designed around the clients. We will never ask you to get something that is out of your budget or unreasonable for a business of your size. We know how to scale down services as well as scale them up according to your needs. Our contracts with our clients don’t limit our services, they empower our services to serve them as they need. This focus on our clients makes small sized businesses love us.

If you are a small business then here’s something you should know: you won’t be small for much longer. Our IT expertise will allow you to increase your efficiency and productivity, allowing you to grow beyond your current size into something much bigger. Many of our clients are now big and well-known companies, even though they were small businesses when we started working with them.

Better than the Rest

We have made such a name for ourselves by being better than the competition. From software to hardware, we are proud to be at the bleeding edge of technology to bring you the highest productivity possible. We also focus a lot on trainings and certifications, which makes our team one of the most qualified teams in Nevada.

Want to know why SI solutions is your best bet for your company? Get in touch with us and you will find out once we design a solution that is perfect for your organization.

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