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How Cloud Services Help Your Business Grow

How Cloud Services Help Your Business Grow

You have probably heard a lot about how cloud technologies let you do much more, how their costs are lower than traditional applications, and how most enterprises are on the cloud now. However, we don’t talk to our clients in those terms. Most of our clients are small to medium sized businesses, and their owners are hardworking people trying to grow their businesses. We don’t like using buzzwords – we like talking about the actual benefits that your business will see once it switches over to the cloud. Let’s do that right now.

Your business will now be unchained

The biggest advantage that most people don’t understand is that it allows you to run your business from anywhere. This gives you an obvious advantage over most of your competition. Imagine this scenario – you and your team are at a conference trying to get new clients. Your competition does the usual routine – they talk nicely to potential customers, exchange contact information, tell them to meet them in the office for a full demo.

On the other hand, your company uses cloud technology. You don’t need to invite people to your office just to show them what your company does – it is all accessible to you wherever you are. You open your laptops and you show them, on the spot, how your company is better. How can anyone with a simple demo compete?

Business continuity like never before

Being on the cloud also means you don’t have to worry about local events upending your national level business. Snowstorm in your city? Normally that would mean giving everyone a day off and shutting down the office. Now that you are on the cloud you can have everyone login from home. They will have access to all their files and all their important applications. They will be able to work from anywhere in the world if needed. This means that you can actually keep the promises you make to your clients, even in the face of a weather disaster.

Always updated

Updates are a very costly part of business. You have to spend thousands of dollars on updating your software to the latest version so that you have access to the latest features. Then you have to spend thousands of dollars updating your hardware so they can run the updated software applications. These are the hidden costs attached to an office which you don’t really expect.

When you use cloud software you never have to worry about updates – because you are always updated. Since your applications are on the cloud, they are automatically updated. This means they have the latest antivirus measures always. You don’t have to worry about getting new hardware either – the toll of the software upgrade is on the cloud, not on your hardware.

These are just some of the reasons that cloud services are such a win-win situation for companies. Not only do you lower your prices, you also increase the productivity of your office.

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