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How Managed Service Providers Save You Money

How Managed Service Providers Save You Money

You already know that hiring a managed service provider will allow you to be more productive and will make your company’s IT infrastructure much better. That isn’t the main reason that most people get MSPs – the real reason is that it does both of those things while saving you money.

We know, we know, it is a bit hard to understand how getting an additional service that improves your company can end up saving you money at the same time. That’s what we are going to explain here.

It costs less than hiring an expert team

Managed service providers give you many different services which you can only get from a team of experts. If you are a small to medium enterprise you cannot afford a team of experts. If your office has 10 employees, you cannot create a whole IT department. Yet you need someone who has expertise in networks, someone who can provide your company with data security, and someone who is an expert in software and hardware procurement.

You cannot add 3 people to the payroll just to make sure your company runs efficiently. You don’t just have to pay these people, you also have to give them other benefits. You have to make sure these people have a good career progression options available so they stay loyal to your company. All these costs combined are much higher than anything an MSP will charge you. At the same time MSPs will provide you all of the services and much more for a fraction of the cost.

You save office space

Even if you can afford the salaries you will have to provide a lot of other stuff as well. Hiring an employee isn’t as simple as just paying them their salary. You have to create office space for them, and office space is expensive. You have to make sure they have a comfortable place to sit where they can work from. You also need to buy computers, desks, and office stationary. If you are running a small to medium sized business you can already see how big of a problem this would be.

You can scale up and down

This is an area where there isn’t even competition between hiring your own staff and getting the services of an MSP. When you get services from an MSP you can scale up your services any time you need and scale them down as well. This helps in situations such as installing new infrastructure or moving. You will need a lot of help for a few days but you can’t just hire people for a few days. If you have the services of an MSP you can easily ask them for extra support for a week or two. You can even scale down if you think that you won’t be needing much help in the coming few months.

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