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Is your network good enough for your business?

Is your network good enough for your business?

When it comes to running a business it is always the things you don’t think about that end up causing the biggest problems. Ask entrepreneurs about networking and most of them will not know its importance. That is because to an end user the network is just what allows them to access the internet and files on the server. Only the leader of a company understands the critical significance of the network and how much it affects the day to day tasks of the office. A business cannot function properly if its network is not setup right.

Is your network good enough for your business? Here’s what you need to think about.


You need to make sure that your files are secure. One thing we keep seeing in small offices is networks that allow all employees to access the server. This is a very unsafe practice. People think that as long as only the people within the organization can access files, everything is safe. This isn’t true – you need to make sure that people can only access parts of the server that are relevant to their job.

It isn’t a question of trust – we aren’t suggesting that your employees will intentionally do something harmful. However, when people who are not very technology literate get full access to things they may end up deleting important files or corrupting the server with a virus. That is why access needs to be managed very properly. Such restrictions ensure that none of your important data is misused or lost.


In many offices the network ends up being the bottleneck. You can have the best computers and servers that money can buy but still not be fully productive because the network is holding them back. That is why we do an in-depth study of your whole network to make sure you are getting the maximum speed and efficiency out of your system.


Data backups are much more important than most people realize. You can permanently lose all your client data, your work, your financial data, and much more if you don’t have backups. Servers can always fail, files can get corrupted, and your hard disk drives can fail as well. That is why you need to have a backup system in place that allows you to continue in case something bad happens to your server or data.

Business Continuity

Most businesses are not prepared for business continuity at all. Business continuity allows you to emerge unscathed from disasters. Fires in the office, blizzard or a tornado warning not allowing people to come to office, water damage – all of these things can paralyze an office if they are not prepared for business continuity. With our cloud solutions we make sure that everything on your network is available to you when needed and that your business can keep going on.

These are just some of the things we think about when working for clients. Want to know how we can make your office perform better? Get in touch.

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