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Ransomware: what you should be aware of?

Ransomware: what you should be aware of?

Ransomware is considered as a typical malicious program that will get into your computer and will lock all your computer files including photos and documents. This article will help the user to understand that what is ransomware and what you should be aware of.


In the world of advanced technology, use of internet and technology devices are increasing day by day. This provides a reason for hackers to find more ways and channels in order to gain access to the personal information of the user. From individuals to huge organizations, no one is protected from the virus of cybercrime. Cyber-attacks and ransomware are trending topics from the past few years. Ransomware comes in different variations as it acts like a snake by making a channel via the operating system. Ransomware is considered as typical malware and virus same as other malware and viruses. It is a malicious program that will get into your device or computer. There are several ways by which ransomware get a chance to attack your computer. These ways include operating malicious attachments via email or browsing websites that push the malware into the computer without even knowing it to the user.

What is trickier that malware email looks real and legitimate and it allows trustworthy sites to compromise in order to deliver ransomware. As soon as ransomware enters into your computer it will lock all computer files including photos and documents. This is done by using the approach of encryption and only attackers know the key. This technique of encryption doesn’t allow anyone to get access to files or documents instead it is important to give some amount of money to the hackers in order to get access. What is even worse those Ransomware attackers will give you a limited time to pay a certain amount or else they will destroy the encryption key. For an individual, the demand of ransomware is around US$500 and for businesses, this price is much higher.

As a user, it is important for you to consider the following points in order to get a better idea of how to deal with Ransomware.

  • Understand the situation

In case of malware infection, user permissions will be infected as they won’t be able to access encrypted the files. Ransomware will encrypt operating system files, network shares, and cloud system files.

  • Lock it down

After detection of ransomware, it is important for the user to lock all the shares. Locking of shares will stop encryption process. And if it is underway, then it would prevent other files from encryption until and unless malware has been removed from the network.

  • Shutdown patient zero

It is important to identify “patient zero” in order to limit the virus and to prevent serious harms.

  • Identify the infection

Infection identification in the earlier phase is important so that the user can make best recovery plans as per malware condition.

  • Verify backups

Make sure to have good and updated backup plans as this approach would not allow the user to pay heavy amounts to the ransom in order to get his/her data back.

  • Paying the ransom

Ransom usually take amounts in the form of bitcoins.

  • Decrypting

After paying malware charges, you may get a decryption key to access your data. In addition, the software provided by the ransom will be used only for decryption

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