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Why Managed Service Providers improve your bottom line

Why Managed Service Providers improve your bottom line

We talk a lot about how getting the services of a managed services provider like us can help your company. In this blog post we wanted to elaborate how it exactly happens. In order to understand how MSPs (manages service providers) make your job easy – let’s first look at the reason we need these services in the first place.

There is almost no office in the world nowadays which doesn’t use technology. If you have 10 people in your organization, you will probably have more than 10 computers and an associated network as well. Now, most of these companies are not IT based – they are using IT, but they aren’t selling IT, and they aren’t IT experts.

The problem is that while they are not IT experts, they need IT experts in order to function smoothly. This means that you need to have people who can fix any IT problems that you have. An IT problem is a very big deal in an office, bigger than almost any other business problem you can face. Since almost everything happens through your IT infrastructure, losing access to IT infrastructure means that you can no longer function as a business.

The Loss of Business Functions

Think of the effects of something as simple as your network going down due to too much load. You will no longer be able to receive emails from your clients and you will no longer be able to send them emails. If your website is locally hosted then people will no longer be able to contact you via your website. You will even lose the ability to coordinate properly with your team – since most team communication happens over email or applications like Slack.

The only way to solve such a problem is to have an IT expert look at it. If you want proper coverage of IT you will need an expert who is available to you 24/7 – because you never know when the IT problems will occur. You need someone qualified and dedicated to IT. This is a problem for small sized businesses. If you only have 5 people in your team, then hiring a 6th one just to look at your IT infrastructure costs too much. You have to pay wages, benefits, provide them with office space, equipment, and much more.

Now, since your core business has nothing to do with IT, this expensive qualified employee you hired wouldn’t actually help you make more sales or grow your business. You starting to see what the problem is?

Now, if instead of hiring a dedicated IT expert you got the services of a managed service provider, you will face no issues. You will have multiple IT experts available on call whenever you need. You will not need to worry about paying their salaries or about providing them space in your office. Not only will you be able to call these people whenever needed, they will also be monitoring your network 24/7.
Simply think of how much that would cost if you hired someone to do it, and how little it costs when you give the same task to an MSP. It becomes quite clear why MSPs are getting so many clients these days, doesn’t it?

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