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Your company can be saved by the Cloud. Here’s how.

Your company can be saved by the Cloud. Here’s how.

Generally when we tell people about the advantages of moving to a Cloud based system we can see that they can’t really comprehend the significance of those advantages. People realize that the Cloud is a better solution and everybody is using it now but they can’t understand the reason behind it. That is why whenever we are asked to explain the advantages we try to tell them how it works in real-world situations.

We don’t like to abstract ideas by just talking about theoretical advantages – we focus on real benefits they will get by showing them a situation where the Cloud can help. Here’s a situation which will help you understand why moving to the Cloud is the best choice for your organization.

The Situation

Let’s take something which happens to every organization now and then. Your server starts acting up and you cannot access your database. You ask your IT people to find out what the problem is and they tell you that one of the hard disk drives in the server has crashed. Now let’s look at how things go without the cloud and with the cloud.

Without the Cloud

We are hoping you have a backup – backups are necessary regardless of a cloud. You need to create frequent backups if you want to keep your data safe. So let’s assume that you had backups of everything on your server. Now you will have to ask your IT people to bring the server back up using a backup. If you run a small organization it might be only one person in the IT department who knows what to do. It will take them a couple of hours to remove the hard disk drive, check the backup to make sure it has everything you need, put the new hardware in, and then start the whole server again.

If they have to copy the data from a different storage medium (a common way to backup things is to use something other than a hard disc) then add an hour or two. Your office’s server will be down for a couple of hours and in the meantime none of your employees will be able to work.

With the Cloud

Many companies use a hybrid system where they have their own server but also use the cloud. Now imagine that your IT person tells you that your server is down. You will ask them when you can be back up. The IT person tells you that it will take them a few minutes to switch to the cloud. They change the configuration so data is now accessed directly from the cloud and written directly to the cloud as well.

See the difference that it makes? Cloud based storage is provided by servers that are magnitudes faster than anything a small to medium sized organization can own. They deliver superior speed and reliability, which is why you should switch to the cloud as soon as you can.

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