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Managed Network Services

For hundreds of years philosophers have focused on finding ways to achieve nirvana and true inner peace. We don’t have the answer for everyone, but we have found the way to Nirvana for managers worried about IT in their company – our Managed Network Services!

When you get Managed Network Services from SI Computer Solutions, you sign all your worries away. It is the last time you will have to worry about managing the computers, the network, and the other IT services in your company. It is the last time you will have to worry about getting something repaired. It is the last time you will have to worry about fixing a software issue. It is the last time you will have to worry about network problems. You get the point.

How Our Managed IT Support Services Work

When you sign up for managed computer services with SI Computer Solutions, all of your problems become our responsibility. You have just outsourced your computing management work to our company and we will manage everything. First we will do a thorough check of your whole company. We will create a report about your current computer setup and we will let you know about any shortfalls. We will create a hardware and software strategy when needed to ensure that your company runs as efficiently and productively as possible.

We will also do an assessment of your network to make sure there are no weaknesses. Data security is of the utmost importance for companies nowadays. We know how important it is for you to ensure that hackers do not steal your data and hurt your clients in any way. We will look at the existing security measures on your network to determine if you need anything extra. We will work with your staff to find out ways to make your IT infrastructure better.

Once we have the whole system up and running we start focusing on remote monitoring. We will ensure that your computing related needs are cared for by keeping a watch over your IT system. Our remote monitoring team will be looking at the vitals of your network and your hardware. If a problem occurs we get notified about it and we start working to fix it before you even say anything.

We will also be on call for you whenever you need us. One of your employees is having an issue with their computer? Simply call us and we will show up to fix the issue.

Cost Savings

The best part about our managed IT support services is that we provide you more services than you currently get but you will end up paying less. Since our agreement is for managing everything, you don’t have to worry about paying for every service you get. All those payments for network repairs, hardware repairs, and other services accrue up fast. Instead you will just have one clean contract with us. No more worrying about going over the budget!